Have you noticed the chirping of birds? This means that winter is finally making its farewell for the year, and like that, it is officially spring season!

This means that it is time for you to store away all your winter boots, the same boots that have been walking all over your floors throughout the dirty, cold, and unforgiving months of winter.

Winter is not just dirty outdoors, but the snow, mud, and salt eventually gets tracked inside your home, leaving a lot of mess on your home’s flooring.

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With spring comes your favorite springtime activity, which is spring cleaning. Your home’s flooring gets punished daily, and it can be challenging for a homeowner to keep up with their cleaning chores. Spring cleaning can be the perfect excuse for you as a homeowner to give your flooring the deep clean that you have been putting off. There is no better time to deep clean under your feet than the spring.

Your floors go through a lot each year, taking on dirt as you sit, walk, and live on them. Taking some time and effort out of your daily schedule to spring clean your floors can help you transform your rooms and make the most from your investment.


Best spring cleaning floor tips

As a homeowner, tackling your flooring will depend mainly on the type of floors you have in each room. Take a look at all the various flooring types:


Use these steps to spring clean your carpet flooring:

  • Get in touch with Floors Touch to hire a professional carpet cleaning. You can also choose to get steam cleaning done.
  • Our experts will give your carpet flooring a good vacuum and spot treat any stains that we may notice. Ideally, you, as a homeowner, should spot-treat stains as soon as they occur, but if you missed a few, you could use a professional stain remover to get rid of your stains thoroughly.
  • Use a paper towel to absorb all the moisture from your carpet.
  • Our professionals will also take a close look at the current state of your carpet. If we notice any damage or tears, we will suggest you get them either repaired or replaced since loose threads and damages will likely get worse and are not pleasant to look at. Any excessive damage to your carpet can also pose a tripping risk to children and the elderly.

If you wish to deep clean your carpet flooring without hiring a professional, you will have to purchase or rent a carpet cleaner to revive your floor properly.


Vinyl flooring can be maintained easily by occasional mopping and cleaning. We recommend you get a manufacturer’s recommended professional cleaner to help remove any dirt build-up. A capful of this floor cleaner can help you get the job done in no time.


When we talk about tile flooring, the first step you need to take is to clean them off any debris by sweeping or vacuuming any loose dust, dirt, pet hair, or any other crumbs from its surface.

Ideally, ceramic tiles only require warm water to clean them properly, but you can also use a manufacturer-recommended cleaner or lemon juice if you want better results.

Our professionals recommend that you avoid using a sponge-mop or sponges since they will end up pushing away dirt into the tracks instead of cleaning it entirely. If you wish to clean your grout, you will have to make a homemade paste using baking soda and water. Apply this paste, leave it overnight on your tiles, and then scrub it using a nylon brush to make your floors look cleaner.

By hiring a professional from Floors Touch, you will not have to go through the tedious process of cleaning your floors by yourself. Not only can we get the job done for you, but we can also give you better and longer-lasting results.


If you have beautiful hardwood flooring installed inside your home, you will have to take the following steps to keep your floors looking their best:

  • You need to use a mop and a specifically designed product for hardwood flooring to give you a deep clean. Ensure that you test your product on a small area before you apply it throughout your hardwood flooring. When using a mop, make sure that you use enough cleaning product to make your mop damp since using too much product will end up saturating the wood, which can damage your home’s flooring system.
  • Read your floor’s instruction manual for any suggestions and precautions that you need to take when cleaning.
  • When you hire a professional, not only will we use high-end products to give you better results, but we will also take a look at your flooring’s condition. If we feel like your hardwood floor has taken a lot of beating, our experts can refinish or even replace them for you.


Out of all the other flooring solutions, laminate flooring can end up sparkling with just a little attention. It would be best if you started by sweeping your floors. Ensure that you read the manufacturer care instructions and warranty which came with your laminate flooring.

Spot treat all stains or any rough-to-clean areas by using an approved cleaner. It takes very little work to clear away any stains from your laminate flooring and make it look new.


Schedule an appointment with Floors Touch

As you get your spring cleaning done, you will notice that no amount of tidying is going to make your flooring look its best. If that is the case with you, it’s probably time for you to get a professional involved.

Here at Floors Touch, our experts can reach your home whenever it is convenient for you and bring along professional floor cleaning products that will help you get the most out of your investment. Our service areas cover McKinney, Allen, Prosper, Princeton, Melissa, Celina, Anna, Van Alstyne, and Sherman.

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