Types of Flooring

When it comes to choosing a beautiful and durable flooring option, you need to be careful as there are many varieties available in the market. We know while making such a big decision, it is important to know what exactly you need in terms of look, longevity, maintenance, and durability. So, you will need a little bit of help to choose the right flooring for your home.

6 Best Types Of Flooring - Floors Touch Mckinney

Here is a brief overview of different types of flooring. The information will help you in making the right decision. The below list includes carpet, laminate, hardwood, granite, tile, and vinyl flooring.


Carpet flooring

It goes without saying carpets is one of the most popular options for homes. From elegant, luxurious, causal to simple, you will find them in a wide variety of styles. They will give your space an entirely different feel and look. As they are textile flooring, they provide a feeling of comfort and luxury. If you want to increase the comfort level, use a good underlay material. They are safe, warm, sound absorbing, and versatile. A carpet also influences a room’s acoustics.

The textile flooring is soft on the feet. So, activities like playing on the floor or going barefoot in the house with carpet flooring is a breeze. They are also non-slippery. The risk of slipping is much lower than other floors. And if you slip, the chance of injuries is less as carpet is soft and resilient.


Wood flooring

Many homeowners choose wood flooring as they provide a timeless and elegant look and feel to space. Although they are an expensive option, they are popular for their longevity and return on investment.  Wood is environment-friendly and improves indoor air quality. With just basic maintenance, wood flooring will keep your air cleaner and more breathable, preventing any kind of allergies or asthmatic attacks.  A good quality timber floor will last for decades.

Although they can get scratched but it is easy to fix. These days, you will also find scratch and dent resistant options. Even you will find new waterproof timber flooring ideal for high moisture areas like kitchens and the bathrooms. You can also install them in playrooms and hallways.



Laminate is a substitute for wood and can be made to look like real wood. They can also imitate other types of flooring like tile or stone. With very little maintenance involved, they are available at affordable pricing. They are waterproof, scratch-resistant and noise-resistant, and are available in a wide variety of stylish options. Laminate flooring has grown in popularity as they are easy to install and durable. If you choose grain styles, it will give the look for pine, maple, oak or cherry. Some of them can withstand wet bathroom floors, kitchen spills and wear and tear from pets.


Vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring is a cost-effective option for those who are looking for durability and luxurious style. They are available in sheets or planks. They constitute acrylic, PVC, and the same type of polymers.  Laminate has striking features like waterproof, stain-resistant, easy to install, and slip-resistant. They are colorful and versatile. You can use them for areas prone to humidity like the bathrooms and kitchen. If you are shopping for vinyl, you should keep in mind that only good quality vinyl products are durable, stain-resistant and scratch-resistant. So, you should always opt for the best quality of vinyl flooring.


Tile Flooring

Tile flooring is also a popular flooring option among property owners. They are also durable and available in a wide variety of colors and styles, including ceramic, porcelain, and glass.  It is easy to clean and maintain these floors. The beneficial features include moisture-resistant, stain-resistant, and slip-resistant. You can find them suitable for all spaces in your home.


Granite Flooring

If you want longevity and durability, granite is the best option for your home. Due to their longevity and durability, they are used for floors and countertops. They come in a range of colors and patterns because they are made during volcanic eruptions processes that constitute a variety of minerals and temperatures. They are available in colors like white, black, brown, blue, red, and beige. They make a great option for wet areas. You don’t have to worry about humidity damaging the subfloor. It is hypoallergenic, so you can reduce the amount of allergens present in your home.

The above are the most popular types of flooring people install in their homes. Without any second thought, they are some of the best and affordable options for all kinds of homes.


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