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Shopping for laminate flooring in McKinney, TX? Then you have come to the right place! Today, flooring options span a much larger range of textures, colors, and realistic designs than they ever have. At Floors Touch of McKinney, we carry laminate flooring brands that offer the feel and look of beautiful ceramic tile, natural hardwoods, lavish slate, and luxurious stone. The best part? They come without the expense, of labor-intensive upkeep and maintenance requirements! Due to the unique installation system used with laminate flooring, they can be used over existing subfloors where other hard surfaces may not be a suitable choice and therefore throughout the entire home.

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Reasons Buyers Choose Laminates

There are many reasons why McKinney homeowners choose a laminate flooring solution from Floors Touch of McKinney. Here are just a few. 

  • Affordability – Floors Touch of McKinney offers the most visually appealing and affordable laminate flooring solutions in the McKinney area.
  • Versatility – We carry a tremendous design selection of laminates floor at Floors Touch of McKinney, of which can be installed in any room of the home. The actual surface of the plank is an image, which is printed onto a thin decorative layer, and then treated with many layers for lasting durability. The high resolution film of which the image is printed, allows for an incredibly authentic image. The final product resembles the finish on a kitchen counter top, but is available to resemble the likes of any flooring solution – from stone to wood, slate and even ceramic.
  • Maintenance – You get the appeal of elegant wood grains and lustrous ceramic tiles, but without the labor intensive maintenance requirements. Scratch-proof and stain-proof, there is no other flooring solution that is tougher than laminates.
  • Durability – Due to the strength of laminate flooring, it makes for an excellent flooring for those families that have young children and/or pets. At Floors Touch of McKinney, we carry a large selection of brands that are specially designed to withstand the heaviest of impact and traffic. They are water-resistant, dent-resistant, stain-resistant and highly durable.
  • Easy Installation – The installation process for installing it could not be easier. It is what is referred to in the states as a floating floor, which means that they are not attached to the existing subfloor. They come in tongue and groove patterns that make installing them a bit like putting together a locking puzzle.

At Floors Touch of McKinney we carry the largest selection of high quality laminate flooring at the most affordable prices. We specially select our available brands according to their inherent durability and lack of need for maintenance. No matter the room of your McKinney home that you are looking to upgrade, Floors Touch of McKinney has the solution for you!

You can reach out to our friendly team at Floors Touch of McKinney. We’re here to provide you with all the information and assistance you need to make informed decisions and turn your laminates flooring dream into reality. Feel free to give us a call at (214) 326-0100.  

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