Low-Maintenance Flooring Options

It would be best if you considered a lot of things when you lay flooring in your residential or commercial property, which includes the regular maintenance and upkeep of your flooring. Most people tend to consider cost as a critical deciding factor; however, this is where it can get complicated. When selecting new flooring products, you need to consider cost in terms of the overall value, not just your immediate expense.

We understand that getting your floor replaced can be a little expensive, but if you have to get it done again in a few years, it can put a lot of strain on your financial status. This is why you need to look for a low-maintenance flooring solution that offers you long-term value over its initial outlay.

In areas with high foot traffic, heavy machinery, or moving equipment, it would be best if you choose a floor capable of withstanding the test of time. You don’t want to get a flooring system that may sustain damage quickly after being laid. With all this in mind, our professionals from Floors Touch have put together a list of top low-maintenance flooring that will give you long-term durability along with lifetime cost efficiency.

4 Best Low-Maintenance Flooring - Floors Tuch Mckinney

Quarry floor tiles


Quarry floor tiles are known to be highly durable. However, they do not have a lot of options when it comes to design versatility. These tiles are primarily available only in earthy hues of grey, red, and tan, meaning you will not be able to customize them to better fit with your specific brand or aesthetics. Another disadvantage of quarry flooring is that they are available only in standard thickness and size. Suppose you are looking for a flooring option that gives you function over aesthetics. In that case, the quarry tile is the perfect solution for you since they are unlikely to wear out quickly, offering you maximum durability.

Since these tiles require very little maintenance, you only have to sweep and mop the floor to keep it clean. It would be best to use a degreaser if you plan on using quarry tiles in areas like a commercial kitchen to stay clear of any slips and falls. Quarry tiles have been the first choice for low-maintenance flooring for decades and are still a great option if resistance to wear and durability is your top priority.


Luxury vinyl tiles

Luxury vinyl tiles took the industry by storm when they initially appeared on the market. These tiles were the first of their kind since they offered long-term durability along with a wide variety of designs to choose from. Nevertheless, these tiles are not ideal for kitchens or high-impact commercial spaces since they do not stand well under that kind of pressure. Luxury vinyl tiles are perfect for schools, offices, and hospitals since they tend to perform well under heavy foot traffic and can cope with minor spillage in such environments.

Luxury vinyl tiles have the added feature of mimicking materials such as hardwood or stone without breaking the bank, making them even more appealing to industries such as restaurants. Regular sweeping and mopping can help you keep it looking its best. These tiles also come with a protective layer which traditional vinyl does not offer.


Epoxy flooring

Epoxy flooring consists of a special thermosetting resin which is ideally added to an underlying concrete layer. This can give you fantastic durability if correctly installed. However, this type of flooring takes a lot of time to set correctly. Certain conditions are not suitable for laying epoxy flooring, one of which is cold weather. After the epoxy coating has been applied, your flooring should be abrasion and chemical resistant for years to come and will give you the added advantage of being aesthetically on point. However, it would be best for you to hire professionals from Floors Touch to install epoxy flooring since if it’s not applied correctly, you will notice premature peeling and cracking.


Polished concrete

Polished concrete is a cheap and easy-to-install flooring option. It is known to be highly durable and requires minimal maintenance. Like epoxy, polished concrete flooring also requires regular sweeping and occasional deep cleaning services to ensure it stays clear of dirt and debris. Polished concrete can last you years before needing a replacement and withstand heavy traffic, chemical spills, and oil stains. Installing polished concrete may cost you a lot upfront than some other alternatives, but keeping the overall lifetime it offers is an excellent investment.



We hope that now you have a better idea about the low-maintenance flooring type that suits your space the best. If you wish to know more about durable and low-maintenance flooring options or have any other queries related to flooring, then you need to contact Floors Touch today!

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