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The Basics of Tile Maintenance

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The Basics of Tile Maintenance

Tile Maintenance Basics

Simple tile maintenance is one of the main benefits of having tile flooring. It doesn’t take much more than running a vacuum or a mop over tile once a week to maintain consistent quality. Though, there are a few tricks to cleaning tile that you may not be aware of. Whether aware or unaware, we’ll do our best in educating you on the depths of keeping tile clean and shiny.

General Cleaning

Again, you can trust the work of a vacuum and a mop for a routine cleaning. For vacuuming, just be sure the bristles are set to function on a hard surface. Tile is very tough to scratch; however, continuous bristle interference could eventually cause some wear to the surface. For mopping, damp the mop with warm water and consider adding some detergent to the bucket of water. The use of a chamois mop is recommended over a traditional sponge mop. Reason being, a chamois mop spreads water more evenly as opposed to a sponge mop, which pushes water in a single direction.

Oh, and if you want to save some time, don’t forget about sweeping. Sweeping is perfect for cleaning up sudden messes in short time.

Advanced Cleaning

tile maintenanceYou’ll find mopping to be the basis of most of the tile maintenance actions we suggest. Rather than mixing in detergent, you can’t go wrong with mixing manufacturer-specific products with mop water. When you have your tile installed, review the maintenance section. The manufacturer should list a few products that are meant for cleaning your specific type of tile.

A combination you may be able to make happen with items laying around the house is the vinegar/water mix. Vinegar is a very purposeful and versatile substance for cleaning floors. Mopping with a white vinegar/water mix will not only effectively clean your tile, but it will also leave a pleasing aroma.

Grout Cleaning

Cleaning square tiles is the easy part. The hard part is cleaning tile grout. This may require some determined work, but if you get in the habit of cleaning tile grout at least once a month then you will save some extensive hands-and-knees scrubbing down the road. When cleaning, a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water, or a mixture of baking soda and water should do the trick. Grab a spray bottle, mix the substances evenly and spray the tile grout. You can scrub with an old tooth brush or something of the like.

One thing that ABSOLUTELY needs to be done is grout sealing. If you want to prevent unwanted water/liquid damage, it is important for your tile grout to be sealed. A sealant protects against water, but also dirt and dust. If you are applying the sealant on your own, be sure to first test it in a lesser-used area of the tile floor. Assuming it does its job in protecting against moisture, go ahead and apply it throughout.

For tile purchase and installation, call Floors Touch at (214) 326-0100. Also, please visit our website—www.floorstouch.com—and our blog for more tile maintenance input.

4 Basic Ways to Keep Carpet Fresh

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4 Basic Ways to Keep Carpet Fresh

Tips to keeping carpet fresh

Carpet is at its finest when it is fresh and clean. The problem is it’s not easy to keep carpet that way. Actually, it’s very easy, you just have to pay attention to it. A few basic maintenance techniques, along with a few cognitive efforts and you’ll keep carpet fresh at all times.

Here are your basic carpet maintenance tips:

No Shoes Rule

carpet freshSome homeowners enforce the rule of taking shoes off at the front door before walking throughout the house. On the other hand, some homeowner’s roll their eyes at that rule. It’s a rather wise rule if you think about it. Why take the risk of dirt or mud tracking through your McKinney, TX house?

The more shoes that track through the more dirt that piles up, and all it takes is one muddy shoe to compromise the integrity of your perfect carpet. If you truly care about your carpet, consider adopting and enforcing the NO SHOES rule.

Vacuum Routinely

Vacuuming is your best friend when it comes to carpet. It’s easy, it’s productive and it’s rewarding. The amount of times you vacuum your carpet depends on the amount of foot traffic your carpet deals with. In regard to bedroom carpet, once a week should suffice. Carpet in the hallway; however, should be vacuumed at least twice a week if you want it to stay in good condition.

Oh, and when we say vacuum, we mean one that you steer and control. Self-operating vacuums, such as rumbas, won’t place the necessary amount of pressure on carpet to do an effective job.

Deep clean at least once a year

A once-a-year thorough cleaning is recommended. You can do all the vacuuming in the world, but that still won’t compare to a deep cleaning. Buy or rent yourself a deep cleaner, or contact a professional carpet cleaning company. The pros will be able to transform your carpet to near perfection. You won’t regret it! For special circumstances, such as having three dogs constantly roaming around the house, consider two deep cleanings in the year.

Clean stains IMMEDIATELY

Carpet does not handle liquids well. It can survive water, but that’s about it. Any other liquid and your carpet is in trouble. The trick is cleaning any and all spills right away. If you allow a spill to sink in and dry then you’ll be staring at a carpet stain for the rest of your carpet’s existence. If you catch the stain early, the cleaning process has a high success rate.

There are plenty of carpet cleaning solutions that you can create from random substances laying around your McKinney, TX house. Just remember, they will only work if you clean the stain IMMEDIATELY.

Now that you know how to keep carpet fresh, maybe you are ready to purchase it. If so, give Floors Touch a call at (214) 326-0100. If carpet is not for you, we also have plenty of hardwood and tile styles in stock. Visit our website—www.floorstouch.com—or our store to view our selection. Also, check out our blog for additional helpful flooring input.

Remove Stains from Carpet in 3 Homemade Ways

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Remove Stains from Carpet in 3 Homemade Ways

Simple Solutions to Remove Stains from Carpet

Carpet can be a nice low-cost, consistent flooring option; however, upkeep can be an issue. It doesn’t take much to stain carpet, and it’s not as simple to clean the material as say, hardwood or tile. But, that doesn’t mean it can’t be cleaned. Just as carpet is an inexpensive flooring material, there are a number of inexpensive ways to clean it. In fact, you can remove stains from carpet with basic homemade solutions…

Detergent + Water

remove stains from carpetThe combination of dish detergent/hand soap works really well to remove stains from carpet that just recently hit the surface. With a fresh stain, all you have to do is grab a couple of paper towels or a cloth and start to blot. You want to try and get as much of the stain out just by blotting. Who knows, maybe that’s all you will need to do to rid of the stain.

After blotting, pour some warm water into a spray bottle and mix in some dish detergent or hand soap. Shake it up and wait for the solution to sud. Once this occurs, spray sparingly, but aggressively on the heart of the stain. Let the mixture sink in for a few minutes and then blot, blot, blot.

Ammonia + Water

If the basic combination of detergent and water doesn’t take care of the stain in its entirety, try mixing water and ammonia. It should take just a teaspoon of ammonia mixed with a warm cup of water. Same as above, pour each into a spray bottle, then shake and spray. Ammonia is a strong replacement to detergent as it is literally purposed as a cleaning agent.

Vinegar + Baking Soda + Water

Here is another cleaning concoction that you should be able to create thanks to the random ingredients located throughout your home.  One cup vinegar, two cups warm water and three-five tablespoons of baking soda. This combination has been used reliably throughout many homes over the years. It’s a commonly known solution with a proven ability to remove stains from carpet (hence, it’s continuous use).

Of course, it’s never a bad idea to rent a carpet-cleaning machine or to have a professional carpet cleaning crew give your carpet a thorough refresh. The occasional stain is one thing; however, extensive staining and long-neglected carpet are tough to overcome. All it takes is your dog coming in from a muddy backyard and lying down on the carpet to cause a real flooring catastrophe.

Floors Touch

And then there’s the case in which your carpet is too far gone for even a professional cleaning to do the trick. If you need new carpet, give Floors Touch a call at (214) 326-0100 or visit our store in McKinney, TX. We always have carpet in stock, along with many other flooring materials. We even sell area rugs to help you protect your flooring. Please visit our website—www.floorstouch.com—to skim through our selection and visit our blog for additional helpful flooring tips.

4 Reasons to buy kitchen tile flooring

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4 Reasons to buy kitchen tile flooring

Reasons to buy kitchen tile flooring in Prosper, TX

Kitchen tile flooring has withstood the test of time. There is a reason it remains as common today as it was decades ago. Plus, advancements have been made to make different tile types more versatile and appealing. Although kitchen tile flooring already has a good reputation, let’s highlight why it is perfect for your Prosper, TX home.

Have your choice of design with tile

The second you walk into any flooring store, you will notice the countless number of design options for tile. You’ll likely come across two different tile styles: porcelain and ceramic.

Porcelain will be sold either glazed or unglazed. Color pops out more with glazed porcelain as it is heated at extreme temperatures up until a desired color is in effect. In addition, a layer of liquid glass is added to glazed porcelain while it is heated. This is how the tile type gets its shine!

kitchen tile flooringUnglazed porcelain, on the other hand, does not have a glass finish. A particular color is actually added to the clay while under fire, resulting in a through body color. Unglazed has an earthier appeal compared to more of a standout appeal for glazed. Either way, you should be able to find a porcelain tile that you like given the material’s design flexibility.

Ceramic tile comes glazed, therefore, it has similar design capabilities to glazed porcelain. Ceramic does not have a through body quality so cracks could be noticeable.

If you really want your kitchen to look luxurious, consider natural stone tile. Stones such as granite, slate and travertine can take over the look of home all by their lonesome, and only in the best of ways. Be careful with your selected stone, however. While they are certainly visually appealing, certain stones have deficiencies in regards to water resistance and scratch resistance.

It’s cheaper than most floors

Of all the flooring types, kitchen floor tile swings towards the inexpensive end. Actually, carpet is generally the only floor type that you will find cheaper. But we all know you can’t install carpet in your kitchen (at least we hope everyone knows that).

The order of tile cost for each type goes as follows (from least expensive to most expensive): ceramic, porcelain, natural stone.

Ceramic and porcelain are known to be very affordable options, as you could assume by their common use throughout Prosper, TX homes. However, natural stone will cost substantially more, maybe even giving hardwood a run for its money.

Takes nothing but a mop and a broom to clean

Maintenance is a separating factor for kitchen floor tile. The flat, non-rigid tile types can be cleaned through the basic use of a mop and broom. The ceramic texture does not absorb water. Natural stone is porous, meaning it will absorb water. Though, you will be in the clear for at least a couple of years as long as your have the stone tile sealed.

The only concern regarding tile maintenance is the tile grout. Grout can be a real pain to clean and it also reveals dirt much more easily than the actual tile. The tile covers a much greater surface area so dirty grout generally isn’t too noticeable. Regardless, you should try to get in the habit of cleaning tile grout once every few months if you want to optimize the look of your kitchen floor.

It’ll last for many many years

Of course, positive qualities are pointless if the floor doesn’t last. Durability and longevity are at the top of most homeowner’s preferences, and rightly so. No one wants a floor that has to be constantly monitored or one where additional costs follow the initial cost.

You won’t have to worry about those things with tile. Aside from the occasional resealing that comes along with owning a natural stone tile, you won’t be held to much responsibility once your tile is installed.

The hardness of kitchen tile flooring triumphs all other floor types. It would be wise to have a mat or two throughout your kitchen in order to give your feet a rest, but the good news is your tile floor will be able to withstand basically anything that is thrown at it.

If you are in the market for a new kitchen floor, contact Floors Touch! We have plenty of floor materials in stock, including the different tile types. Once you decide on a floor type, we’ll set you up with an estimate and installation. Floors Touch looks forward to helping you upgrade your kitchen! Until then, please visit our blog for additional helpful home remodeling input.

Hardwood Flooring in Princeton, TX

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Hardwood Flooring in Princeton, TX

Why hardwood flooring Princeton, TX?

There’s not a more wholesome look than a hardwood floor. You can turn the appearance of your home from average to top-shelf in a single move: installing hardwood flooring. Floors Touch can make it happen! We sell and install hardwood. Within a day, your home can be upgraded. Therefore, rely on hardwood flooring Princeton, TX. Here are a few reasons why hardwood is the way to go:

Natural Appeal

hardwood flooring Princeton, TXHardwood floors are cozy. They make a home welcoming and appealing. They also fit into a home as well as any flooring option. Ultimately, hardwood can be installed in living rooms, staircases, kitchens, bedrooms…practically wherever. It has the capability of overtaking a room, but in the best of ways.

Hardwood flooring makes matching easy. You can start with the floor and determine the furniture makeup, or you can keep the same furniture and replace your old floor with hardwood. Either way, hardwoods floors will make a room look beautiful without having to change every single object within it.

Extreme durability

Durability is another reason hardwood flooring Princeton, TX is so popular. First of all, hardwood is difficult to damage. Heavy impacts won’t harm the floor type and it takes a consistent effort to scratch it. Families with pets can experience scratching over time. That’s why it’s best to keep pets away from hardwood, at least when they are excited. It’s also beneficial to place floor protectors on the legs of all your furniture. This way scratching does not occur when someone aggressively sits on a couch or stool. With the proper precautions taken, your hardwood floors should be able to sustain for years without being refinished.

That brings me to my next point. Hardwood can be refinished in the event that it is significantly scratched or warped. You won’t have to have it replaced, perhaps ever!

Extreme versatility

There are a plethora of hardwood types. Common hardwoods include oak, maple, hickory, birch and walnut. Each will come in different shades and different stains, so you should undoubtedly be able to find a type to your liking. In addition, hardwood flooring comes pre-finished and unfinished, and in various different widths. The beauty of hardwood is essentially limitless. That is why it is such a coveted purchase.

Simple Maintenance

We already discussed the importance of scratch avoidance and the luxury of having hardwood refinished. The only other caution to take regards moisture. If hardwood is left exposed to moisture for extended periods of time, moisture can seep through the wood seems and cause problems like cupping and crowning. Thus, it is recommended to stay away from steam cleaners.

A wet mop will do the trick. Water spread out by a mop will evaporate quickly enough to where no damage will be done to the floor. You can also use a vacuum to clean hardwood floors. Just be sure the bristles are turned off when in use. Reason being, bristles can scratch the hardwood. In all, hardwood floors are very easy to maintain as long as you take simple precautions. It’s also important to note that hardwood does not collect dust and debris at the rate in which other floor types do. Carpet, as an example. Cleaning your hardwood floor once a week will keep in maintained and in prime condition.

Interested in hardwood flooring Princeton, TX? Floors Touch is here to help. We have plenty of flooring options for you to browse through. Our experts will answer any questions you have and will take care of installation as well. Contact Floors Touch today! Also, please visit our blog for additional helpful information.


Laminate Flooring in Melissa, TX

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Laminate Flooring in Melissa, TX

Why choose laminate flooring Melissa, TX

Are you having a difficult time weighing cost and appearance for flooring? Well, we may have a solution for you. Laminate flooring will satisfy both preferences. The specific standout quality of laminate is its capability of imitating hardwood while at a significantly lesser cost. Here is some elaboration, plus some additional perks of laminate flooring Melissa, TX:

Convincing Appeal

As mentioned a moment ago, laminate flooring is best known for its imitations. It can take on the look of real woods, including oak, pine and hickory. Laminate can be very convincing, to the point in which most people won’t be able to tell it is not real wood. In fact, without a side by side comparison, you could probably get away with telling people your laminate floors are made of hardwood. Though, we don’t condone lying.

laminate flooring Melissa, TXWhat is really cool about laminate flooring is that it sprouts from a high-resolution image of actual wood. The surface of a laminate plank is the high-resolution image. The image is printed onto a thin decorative layer, supported by a moisture protected layer, and then treated with many layers on top to help with durability. Hence, the creation of convincing laminate.

Reasonable Pricing

Laminate flooring Melissa, TX is very affordable. Due to it’s rather simple construction, laminate is among the cheapest of flooring materials. That is not necessarily a knock on its quality; rather, it’s just easy to manufacture. Laminate also fits together like a puzzle. The pieces are literally intertwined and can be placed over a sub-floor. Thus, laminate flooring is able to be installed without professional help. Do-it-yourself installation will of course lessen the overall cost of the project.

Simple Maintenance

Laminate is scratch-proof and stain-proof. In addition, it has the ability to withstand moisture. Only if installed in laundry rooms or basements (unlikely in Melissa, TX) would you need to have your laminate sealed for protection against unforeseen leaks. General steam from your kitchen will cause it no harm. Ultimately, if you just give your laminate floors the occasional sweep and clean up spills right away, it will remain in outstanding shape. Laminate will retain its quality for many many years if those simple maintenance actions are taken.

Advanced Technology

Experts are finding more and more ways to give laminate flooring a more realistic appeal. In fact, advancements have enabled laminate flooring to imitate surfaces beyond hardwood. Certain manufacturers can create a laminate version of stone and metal materials. For example, slate can now be mimicked by laminate. We already spoke about the high-resolution imagery that makes laminate flooring as realistic as possible. Experts will continue to improve the flooring type, though, it’s safe to say laminate flooring is as appealing as it has ever been.

For laminate flooring Melissa, TX, Floors Touch is your top source. We always have numerous styles of laminate flooring in stock, along with many other flooring types. Come take a look for yourself or contact Floors Touch at (214) 326-0100. Also, please visit our blog for additional flooring input.

Carpet Flooring in Van Alstyne, TX

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Carpet Flooring in Van Alstyne, TX

Your source for carpet flooring

Are you looking for a reliable, easy to maintain flooring option? If yes, then carpet is the option for you. Every home has carpet. It may not be flaunted in the most visited rooms in a home; however, there is always a place for carpet. Here are some reasons to buy and install carpet flooring Van Alstyne, TX.

Easy maintenance

Frankly, carpet flooring does not require any extra attention. The primary requirement is to keep carpet stain-free. If you can do that, your carpet will stay visually appealing. Thus, when some spills something, especially a colored substance, clean it up right away. Secondly, vacuum your carpet routinely. With it being thick, it will collect debris and dust. Dust can lead to allergic reactions. For this reason, it’s best to vacuum your carpet at least once every couple of weeks.

Lastly, it’s a good idea to have carpet professionally cleaned once a year. Most people do not follow this guideline, and they then regret it a few years down the road when their carpet has worn or stained.


Of all the flooring materials, carpet flooring is the cheapest to purchase and to install. Hardwood floors are costly in materials and labor. There are also a ton of different hardwood floors—different cuts, materials and finishes. In addition, natural stone flooring is naturally going to be costly. Buyers of such a flooring type are paying for a unique stone with unique designs. In comparison, carpet is simplified flooring option. It’s easy to cut and cheap to create; thus, you can have carpet in your home at a low-cost.


Of course, comfort is the main function of carpet. Being soft to the touch, carpet gives your feet a rest from hard surfaces. That is why the vast majority of bedrooms are carpeted. It’s more ideal for someone to step out of bed in the morning to the softness of carpet than it is the firmness of hardwood. Plus, carpet is much safer if you happen to trip and fall while trying to guide your way to the bathroom in the middle of the night.


Carpet doesn’t handle the bathroom or kitchen environment well because of the moisture that those spaces can create. Other than those two areas, carpet can find a home just about anywhere. There are different types of carpet. For example, Saxony and frieze versions. However, the carpet types will not overwhelm you, as the primary variables consist of thickness and pattern.

Flooring materials like hardwood and stone take over a room. While that can be a good thing, it also presents a challenge for the homeowner to match the rest of the room with the flooring material. Some homeowners are excited by that challenge and some are annoyed. If you are annoyed then carpet is a good selection. Carpet will fit the look of a room without having to make any drastic changes.

For carpeting Van Alstyne, TX, Floors Touch is your top source. We have plenty of carpet options always in stock, and we’ll take care of your installation. Contact Floors Touch today! Also, please visit our blog for additional helpful information.

Anti-Allergy Flooring

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Anti-Allergy Flooring

Hypoallergenic flooring

Choosing a new floor comes with many decisions. Appearance, price, texture, durability, porosity, and so on…One often-overlooked quality, however, is anti-allergy flooring. Most people do not consider their floor’s protection against allergies until it is too late. So, if you are in the market for a new floor and you or any of your family members are victims of allergy season, install a hypoallergenic floor type. Here are a few flooring options that will keep allergies to a minimum.


mckinney hardwood floorsHardwood is an outstanding flooring choice for those with allergies or asthma. It is a flat surface that will not allow dust or pollens to infiltrate. Also, hardwood floors are easy to clean. Sweeping or mopping will remove allergenic materials with ease. The only caution to take regards finishing or re-finishing a hardwood floor. Often times, adhesives used for finishing wood flooring have allergenic symptoms. True hardwood floors rarely have to be re-finished, perhaps once every ten years, so it’s not a major issue. Engineered wood or laminate wood, on the other hand, could produce long-term allergenic chemicals. It’s just something to watch out for. A hardwood floor adds a beautiful look to a home and can truly create a cozy feel. Its fight against allergenic particles is an added bonus.

Natural Stone

Natural stone flooring is always a great option. For example, granite and marble flooring have a natural hardness that few other flooring options can match. Natural stone flooring is stunning and durable; it is also hypoallergenic. There are no spaces or creases for dust to settle for extended periods of time. As long as the floor is dusted from time to time, you should be a part of a very healthy home environment. Treat yourself with an appealing floor that will help you breathe clean air.


Linoleum flooring is a significantly cheaper option. It does not carry the lasting look of hardwood or natural stone; however, it does its job effectively when it comes to preventing allergies. Linoleum is antistatic and antibacterial. You heard that right. Its properties prevent dust and bacteria from sticking to it. Linoleum gets a bad rap for its looks, though, the floor type’s color options have expanded in recent years. Specifically, marmoleum flooring now exists. It is essentially the same thing as linoleum, only it offers more color options.


Ultimately, if you want anti-allergy flooring, avoid carpet. Unlike the previously mentioned flooring options, carpet is thick and difficult to clean. All sorts of dust and bacteria can get held up in carpet for who knows how long. Vacuuming helps a little, but the reality is carpet will always act as a trap for allergenic particles. Carpeting is becoming less and less common in homes, yet, most homes still have carpet somewhere throughout the living space. It remains a fine option for homeowners, just use it sparingly. A house with too much carpet will guarantee a serious build-up of dust, thus, proneness to allergies for its inhabitants.

We hope this has helped enlighten you to hypoallergenic flooring. Again, it is likely not the most important flooring consideration, but it should be a consideration. For any of your flooring needs, contact Floors Touch. We are your one-stop-shop for superior, hassle free and affordable home flooring solutions. Reach out to us today to transform your home with your ideal floor.

How much does it cost to install flooring?

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How much does it cost to install flooring?

There are many types of flooring, different flooring measurements, different styles…a lot goes into ultimately choosing one floor. Hardwood floors, for example, are sold in different degrees of hardness and thickness. There are two decisions to make from the get-go. Of course, cost is often the greatest flooring influence. Homeowners always have a vision and a budget. Throughout the flooring process, a homeowner will have to weigh the two and try to find the perfect fit, or at least a satisfying fit. Keep in mind, a good chunk of the budget needs to be allotted for flooring installation.

How much does it cost to install flooring?


The popularity of hardwood floors has not faded one bit over the years. Despite growing competition from other flooring textures, the benefits of hardwood flooring continue to stand firm for buyers. Hardwood’s great quality does however require precise installation. In fact, hardwood flooring ranks towards the top of the list in installation cost.

mckinney hardwood floorsThe average homeowner generally spends between $2,500-$4,500 to install hardwood floors. Cost will vary based on the size of the room. Generally speaking, hardwood flooring will cost anywhere between $8 – $12 per square foot. If a homeowner needs unfinished wood to be installed then it may cost extra, as the contractor will have to sand the wood on the job site.

Cost will also be effected by the type of wood. For instance, bamboo is a popular bargain in terms of durability and style. Walnut hardwood floors, on the other hand, are a premiere choice and will therefore cost on the highest end to install.


Laminate flooring maintains its commonality due to its affordability. Though it is not hardwood, laminate is meant to portray hardwood, just in a less-durable and less-stylish manner. Hence, it is cheaper. Laminate installation will cost about half of the cost of hardwood. You’ll see a range of $1,000-$2,500. Cost per square foot will range from $5 – $8.

Like hardwood, thickness and finish will factor into pricing. Customarily, laminate flooring is sold in 8 mm thickness and 12 mm thickness. Thickness correlates with pricing as you would expect it to–the thicker the flooring, the more it will cost. Different types of finishes, such as embossed and hand-scraped will vary pricing. An embossed finish will not be as stylish, but it is cheaper. In contrast, a hand-scraped finish is aimed to make laminate flooring as close to the appearance of actual hardwood as possible. This will naturally make a hand-scraped finish more expensive.


Carpeting is perhaps the cheapest of flooring options. Carpet itself is cheap; installation can be tedious, but it is inexpensive compared to other flooring materials. This traditional type of floor will cost around $3 – $4 per square foot to install. Carpet is offered in different types and styles, but this will have little impact on the cost of installation.

The factors that can impact installation costs include the contractor(s) having to work around certain cut outs in the surface, perhaps pertaining to plumbing or electricity. Also, the use of a “power stretcher” tool can increase labor costs. This tool is used to ensure the carpet is fully stretched and in place.

Contact Floors Touch

Floors Touch, located in McKinney, TX, offers all of the above for purchase and installation. We will sell and install your flooring choice at a fair price. Our experts will give you all of the information you need to make the flooring choice that you feel confident in for your home.

Contact Floors Touch today to get one step closer to improving your home.


Best Flooring Store in McKinney, TX | Floors Touch

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Best Flooring Store in McKinney, TX | Floors Touch

Updating the floors in your home or business might be just what you need to keep up with McKinney’s ever-growing appeal. This means you need to find a Texas flooring store capable of showing you a vast selection of material and color options that are best for each area of your home.

Choosing the Right Flooring

The right flooring is important is it will impact aesthetics as well as function. Marble is highly desirable because of the premium look it offers. It’s also a great way to add value to your home or business. But perhaps a nice soft carpet is what you would like in your bedroom, or you might have rental properties and want to use faux wood floor. Whatever the case may be Floors Touch has got you covered.

Flooring Install

New Flooring

When you visit Floors Touch flooring store, you should look at all of your options for flooring. This includes:

  • Granite
  • Hardwood
  • Laminate
  • Tile
  • Vinyl

You can get a marble look with all of these different materials. Each will have pros and cons associated with them. They will also be available at different costs, allowing you to get the desired look while being mindful of your budget.

The Importance of Professional Installation

Installation is one of the most important components of getting a good looking new floor. If you’re not careful, the flooring could be ruined because of the way it is installed. Our professional installers at Floors Touch have been well trusted in McKinney, TX for years. We have a good reputation that we are all very proud of. Read what our clients have to say about us here.

When you have a professional installation, it increases the life of your flooring. This gives you a better value for your money. Additionally, you will save time and money by having our professional contractors take care of the installation for you.

What You Can Expect

Choosing what type of floors to install is a major decision. That’s why at Floors Touch, we provide premium customer service. We are here to answer questions, provide recommendations, and offer creative design services. It’s what will make it easier for you to order flooring with confidence knowing it will look great in your home or business.

We offer competitive pricing with specials that can help to save you money on your flooring, too. This allows you to have a great addition to your home or business without spending a fortune. We’re committed to providing you with the very best and it shows in all that we do.

Contact us today to schedule an in-home estimate.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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