Carpet Cushions

Carpet cushions (or carpet padding) play an essential role in prolonging the life of carpeting. However, this detail is often times overlooked by homebuyers and neglected by subpar flooring companies trying to afford the best rates. You can be sure that when you choose Floors Touch of McKinney for your carpet solution company that we will never cut corners by selling or installing subpar carpet cushions. A common misconception with regards to the carpet cushion is that it serves the purpose of providing comfort underfoot. Though this is on the list of purposes that it serves, it is not the main purpose of the carpet padding. Carpet padding is actually designed and meant to absorb the constant force of foot traffic. High quality carpet cushioning will withstand the pounding of foot traffic and not lose its shape, leaving you with unsightly traffic patterns throughout your home. You can think of your carpet’s cushion as a sort of shock absorber, where the purpose is to absorb the force of the foot instead of that job falling on the carpeting itself. Therefore, by investing in a quality pad or cushion you are in an essence dramatically extending the life of your new carpet. The higher the quality of the cushion and greater the grade, the more odor, bacteria and mildew resistant the carpet will be. Take note of the carpet cushion that you purchase, as many carpet manufacturers will void their warranty if a certain grade cushion is not used because they know that it will decrease the life of the carpet itself.

Carpet Cushion Weight & Density

Carpet cushions are often defined by their density. Carpet cushions are also rated by the weight per square cubic foot. The process of determining the density of the carpet cushions can become a very intricate and complicated one. Furthermore, knowing how to select the best weight and density to meet your homes and your family’s needs can be difficult. When buying carpet from Floors Touch you need not be concerned about subpar cushions, cheap materials or the selection of the right cushion for your new carpet. Our professional sales staff will work with and guide you through the selection process, making experienced suggestions and ensuring that you end up with the best product combinations to fit your budget.

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