Let’s talk McKinney laminate flooring. Floors Touch is here to guide you through the dos and don’ts of this versatile flooring option. Renovating your home is exciting, and McKinney laminate flooring brings together affordability, durability, and style. But to make sure your makeover is a success, it’s essential to follow some basic rules. Let’s explore these dos and don’ts together so we can help you transform your space with confidence and Floors Touch expertise.

5 Best Mckinney Laminate Flooring Maintenance Tips - Floors Touch



1. Choose Quality

When picking McKinney laminate flooring, go for the good stuff. This ensures your floors stay looking great for ages. At Floors Touch, we’ve got top-notch options to fit any style and budget.

2. Consider Durability

Think about how tough your floors need to be. If you’ve got a busy home, you’ll want laminate flooring that can handle everything. Our selection includes durable options designed to withstand daily foot traffic.

3. Proper Installation

Leave the installation to the experts. Our team knows McKinney laminate flooring inside and out. With our help, your floors will look amazing and last longer.

4. Regular Maintenance

Simple upkeep can keep your McKinney laminate flooring sparkling. Sweep, vacuum, and mop occasionally to maintain its shine. This maintenance can keep your floors in top condition.

Following these straightforward tips for selecting, installing, and maintaining McKinney laminate flooring will keep your home looking its best for years.



Ignore Subfloor Prep

Before laying laminate flooring, ensure the subfloor is well-prepared. This prevents uneven surfaces and premature wear. At Floors Touch, we handle this step carefully to achieve top-notch results.

Overlook Moisture Issues

Even though McKinney laminate flooring is somewhat moisture-resistant, deal with any moisture problems upfront. Ignoring this could lead to warping and damage over time. At Floors Touch, we advise addressing moisture concerns early for better outcomes.

Neglect Expansion Gaps

When installing laminate flooring, leave gaps around the edges. These gaps accommodate natural expansion and prevent damage. We stress the importance of including these gaps for a flawless finish.

Avoid Harsh Cleaners

Don’t use harsh cleaners or rough tools on laminate flooring. They can scratch or harm the surface. Stick to gentle cleaning methods for optimal care. We recommend safe cleaning practices to maintain your flooring’s beauty.

By sidestepping these common missteps and following proper installation and maintenance routines, your McKinney laminate flooring will stay beautiful and resilient for years. And with Floors Touch, you’ll get expert guidance and support at every turn.


At Floors Touch, we’re committed to making your dream home a reality with McKinney laminate flooring. By adhering to these dos and don’ts, you can enhance your makeover and revel in beautiful, enduring results.


Are you ready to revitalize your space? See us at Floors Touch today to discover our extensive array of McKinney laminate flooring choices.

Allow us to help you bring your vision to life in vibrant reality.

Frequently Asked Questions About Laminate Flooring


Maintenance Tips:

How do I clean McKinney laminate flooring?

You can clean laminate flooring using a broom, vacuum, or damp mop.

Avoid using too much water, as it can cause damage to the flooring.

Are there any special maintenance requirements for laminate flooring?

Laminate flooring doesn’t need much maintenance. Just ensure to clean up spills quickly and avoid dragging heavy furniture across it.

Can I use steam mops to clean McKinney laminate flooring?

It’s best to steer clear of steam mops for laminate flooring. Remember that too much moisture may generate the planks to warp or swell.

How often should I clean laminate flooring?

Regular cleaning with a broom or vacuum is usually enough for laminate flooring. You can mop as needed for deeper cleaning.

Are there specific cleaning products recommended for laminate flooring?

Stick to gentle cleaning solutions made for laminate flooring. Harsh chemicals can harm the surface, so it’s best to avoid them.


Cost Considerations:

How much does McKinney laminate flooring cost per square foot?

McKinney laminate flooring typically costs between $2 and $8 per square foot, depending on quality and design.

Are there additional costs besides the price per square foot?

In addition to the flooring itself, you’ll need to consider expenses for underlayment, installation, and any necessary accessories, such as transition strips.

Can I save money by installing McKinney laminate flooring myself?

While DIY installation might seem cheaper, installation done by pros ensures proper alignment and reduces the risk of future issues.

Do different styles or patterns of McKinney laminate flooring vary in price?

Yes, the price of McKinney laminate flooring can vary based on factors like style, pattern, and brand. Higher-quality options tend to cost more.

Are there financing options available for purchasing McKinney laminate flooring?

Some retailers offer financing options to help make buying McKinney laminate flooring more affordable. Consult us for more information.


Design Options:

What design options are available for McKinney laminate flooring?

McKinney laminate flooring comes in various designs, including wood, stone, and tile patterns, with different colors, textures, and finishes.

Can I install McKinney laminate flooring in bathrooms or kitchens?

Yes, there are water-resistant options for laminate flooring, making it suitable for bathrooms and kitchens.

Can McKinney laminate flooring be installed over existing flooring?

In many cases, yes. As long as the surface is clean, flat, and structurally sound, you can install laminate flooring over existing flooring.

How do I choose the right color and style of laminate flooring for my home?

When selecting the color and style of laminate flooring, consider factors like existing decor, lighting, and personal preference.

Are there eco-friendly options available for McKinney laminate flooring?

Some manufacturers offer eco-friendly options made from sustainable materials and low-VOC adhesives.


Are you ready to elevate your space with McKinney laminate flooring? Contact Floors Touch today for expert guidance and premium flooring options. You can also visit our social media for more details.


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