Are you thinking about a bathroom remodel in McKinney TX? At Floors Touch, we know how important it is to make your McKinney home luxurious and make it last. This guide will show you easy steps to future-proof your bathroom remodel, ensuring a stylish space that stands the test of time. Let’s begin with your bathroom remodel!


Why Future-Proofing Matters

In the ever-changing world of home improvement, future-proofing is a big deal, and here’s why. It’s about picking things that last, so your investment counts. When it comes to bathroom remodeling, it’s all about choosing layouts, designs, and materials that stay stylish and useful for years. And, when the time comes to make adjustments, there is no need for extensive renovations, which saves you money. At Floors Touch, we get that, and we’re here to guide you on making choices that stand the test of time in your bathroom remodel in McKinney TX.


1. Understanding the Vision

Before you start your bathroom remodel in McKinney TX, it’s crucial to shape a clear vision. Look ahead—think about the future. What might you need in the years to come? Start by imagining how you want it to look and feel. Consider colors and styles you like, and check out ideas on different platforms, including our Floors Touch portfolio. Consider your daily routine and whether you want a relaxing space, a setup perfect for a growing family, or elderly-friendly bathrooms. We aim to make your bathroom remodel in McKinney TX stylish and perfect for your life and future.


2. Timeless Tile Choices

Picking the right tiles is essential for your bathroom remodel in McKinney TX. It’s all about choosing materials that make your bathroom look great and last long. Go for timeless tiles that boost your bathroom’s style and are tough. Ask experts to help you choose from lots of durable and stylish tiles for your bathroom remodel. Floors Touch will guide you to the perfect tiles for you.


3. Smart Storage Solutions

Ensuring your bathroom remodel in McKinney TX stays organized is a smart move for the long run. Here are some easy storage ideas to keep things tidy:

No.1 Best Bathroom Remodel In Mckinney Tx - Floors Touch1. Floating Shelves

Put up floating shelves on your walls to show off cool stuff and keep your everyday things in order.

2. Under-Sink Organizers

Use pull-out trays or baskets under the sink to keep cleaning stuff and toiletries neat.

3. Vanity Cabinets with Drawers

Get bathroom cabinets with deep drawers to store towels, grooming tools, and more.

4. Open Shelving Units

Add open shelves to display nice towels, baskets, and pretty items, all within easy reach.

5. Built-In Wall Niches

Make wall niches in the shower area for tidy shampoo storage, conditioner, and shower gel storage.

6. Over-the-Toilet Cabinets

Use cabinets or shelves over the toilet to store things vertically without taking up floor space.

7. Baskets and Bins

Toss in baskets or bins on shelves or under the sink to group and organize small items like toiletries.

8. Pull-Out Hampers

Install pull-out hampers in the cabinets to stash dirty laundry, keeping the bathroom clutter-free.

9. Towel Bars with Shelves

Hang towels and store extra linens or cute items with towel bars that have shelves.

10. Mirrored Medicine Cabinets

Pick medicine cabinets with mirrors for a mix of storage and practicality, keeping your things neat.

Customize these ideas based on your needs and space in your bathroom. For expert help in making the most of your storage, turn to Floors Touch – we’re here to make your bathroom practical and stylish.


4. Efficient Fixtures and Fittings

When jazzing up your bathroom, go for things that are cool and save energy. Here’s a list of efficient innovations to consider for your bathroom remodel in McKinney TX:

1. Energy-Saver Faucets

Grab faucets that save water but still look great. It’s a win-win for style and efficiency.

2. Smart Showers

Get smart showers – you can control how hot it is and how much water it uses. It’s super efficient and feels just right for you.

3. Water-Saving Toilets

Choose toilets that save water. They have options like a slight flush for less waste or a bigger one when needed. Suitable for saving water in your bathroom.

4. LED Lights

Use LED lights that don’t use much electricity. They’ll light up your bathroom and save energy.

5. Programmable Thermostats

Add a thermostat you can program. It’s great for warming your bathroom floor or towels when needed, saving energy when you don’t.

6. Low-Flow Showerheads

Pick showerheads that use less water but still give you a strong shower—saving water without giving up on a good shower.

7. Motion Faucets

Think about faucets that turn off by themselves. No wasting water, plus it’s easy and handy.

8. Tankless Water Heaters

Go for heaters that heat water as you need it. It saves energy compared to heaters with big tanks.

9. Water-Conserving Sink Fixtures

Upgrade your sink fixtures to ones that save water but work as well. It’s good for the environment and your bathroom.

10. Dual-Flush Toilets

Get toilets that let you choose how much water to use when you flush—a savvy way to save water in your bathroom.

By adding these efficient things to your McKinney, TX bathroom makeover, you’re making it look better and helping the environment. For expert guidance, trust Floors Touch – we’re here to make your bathroom stylish and eco-friendly.


Embark on a Bathroom Remodel in McKinney TX to Lasting Luxury with Floors Touch

Embarking on a bathroom remodel in McKinney TX is a thrilling adventure toward lasting luxury. Let Floors Touch be your guide, turning your vision into a reality that mirrors your unique style and lasts a lifetime. Contact us today to kickstart your journey toward a future-proof bathroom oasis! You can also visit our social media for more details.



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