Are marble floors slippery?

Do marble flooring tiles have an issue with slipping?

Marble flooring is a beautiful and elegant flooring option, but one concern that homeowners tend to have is whether or not it is slippery. And, if so, is it an issue? Lastly, is it an issue so severe that marble flooring shouldn’t be installed?

Before we get started, you should know that there are two finishes for marble flooring: polished and honed:

Honedare marble floors slippery

Honed marble gives the material a more matte and tumbled look. Additionally, it gives the marble more grip and is more slip-resistant. Marble flooring is quite common in bathrooms, so you definitely want your flooring to be slip-resistant. With the help of bathroom mats, honed marble is a great option for your bathroom.


On the other hand, polished marble flooring is smooth and shiny. Unfortunately, this also means that it’s more slippery than honed marble. However, there are some precautions that can be taken so that you can have marble flooring installed. Just as we mentioned earlier, mats and rugs can help prevent slipping on polished marble surfaces, and they’re better for living rooms and entryways.

Are marble floors safe? Yes, but you should take preventative measures.

Are they slippery? Yes, polished marble is more than honed.

However, it’s not a big enough concern that you shouldn’t have it installed in your home.

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