Should I Choose Marble Floor Design For My Home?

The Best And No. 1 Marble Floor Design - Floors Touch For centuries, Marble has been considered an opulent stone type when used for flooring, having been installed in palaces and kingdoms of yesteryear and fine homes of today. The stone type is appreciated for its natural beauty and is considered to be a top choice for home flooring installation in today’s flooring industry. If you are considering marble for your flooring, learn more about the pros and cons of the material. By learning more, you will be able to make the best decision for your home.

Marble Floor Advantages

Marble floor design is considered a unique option as the stone is quarried from mountains located across the globe. Marble is created in tiles, of varying sizes, so you can have a one-of-a-kind look in your home. You are guaranteed with any marble installation that your room will be like no other. A big advantage to marble is style. If you choose this natural flooring type for your home, you will find that the look and feel of the area is enhanced, offering varying colors and shapes for a beautiful space.

Radiant heat is also an advantage to consider. As a heat conductor, marble will be a perfect solution for your flooring needs as it will be able to provide an excellent backdrop for a radiant heating system. If you are considering this type of heating installation, marble is an excellent flooring choice to coincide with the heating element of the home.

This type of flooring can also be polished to perfection without wear and tear. Other flooring types cannot withstand heavy polishing but Marble can, creating a smooth and shimmering look. The flooring type also looks great in natural light as the translucence allows for additional beauty when the sunshine hits the space.

While there are many advantages to marble, there are also drawbacks to consider. The price of marble can be quite high so if you are considering a renovation of several areas of your home, you may have to adjust your plans to be able to afford the marble. Marble is also a porous material which can lead to staining. Acid stains such as ones that can be made with drinks, foods or sauces can stain the marble. Have a sealant applied to ensure your marble will be able to withstand any potential staining.


Marble is a natural stone that is considered a soft rock. This means that the stone will easily scratch, chip or become dented. If something heavy were to be dropped on a marble floor, then you may have cracks or scratches on your flooring, something that one should consider before installation.

At Floors Touch, marble floor design as well as other flooring types are available for installation in your home. Learn more about how marble tile can be a beautiful addition to any home by contacting Floors Touch. Talk with a flooring expert to see if marble is a right choice for your home flooring, looking at samples to see coloring and design ideas for the home.

Marble Floor Design


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