Different Types of Wood Flooring

When homeowners decide to redo their flooring, they tend to rush through the process. In reality, though, choosing the type of flooring is just the beginning. For instance, a homeowner can decide to have hardwood flooring installed, but what type of hardwood exactly? There are many different types of wood to choose from, and each offers their own unique features.

Here are some of the different types of wood available at Floors Touch:

BambooBest 4 Types Of Wood Flooring - Floors Touch Mckinney

Bamboo is unique since it’s made from grass and can be used for flooring purposes in only a few years. This is different from wood, which can take up to 20 years. Bamboo’s natural maturing process means that it’s quite eco-friendly.

In terms of its appearance, shares the same effortless beauty as other types of woof. It’s found in many different shades and gives a space a sense of openness.

The thing about bamboo flooring is that you have to buy from a reliable manufacturer. The production of bamboo tends to be random, so you should be fine as long as you buy from a reputable bamboo manufacturer. A good batch will provide you with unmatched durability.

Lastly, bamboo tends to be slightly more moisture-resistant than other types of wood. While you should still try to be careful with moisture around bamboo, it’s less vulnerable to damage caused by moisture penetration.



What sets birch apart from the other types of wood are its appearance and versatility. Birch tends to come in lighter shades. For instance, yellow birch is almost white, while sweet birch and red birch are some of the darker shades. However, they’re still relatively light. The straight grain of birch gives it a modern and inviting look.

Birch’s hardness is between that of maple and oak. Therfore, it can withstand heavy impacts, overcome friction and handle general foot traffic. While it’s not a great flooring option for bedrooms, it’s great for living and dining rooms!



Contrary to birch, cherry wood tends to be found in darker shades. You’re sure to fall in love with the appeal of cherry wood. Out of all the different types of wood, cherry is perhaps the boldest option. It’s rich and timeless! Cherry wood is sure to be the show-stopper in a room, and only in the best way.

Cherry wood ranks well on the hardness scale. Its hardness prevents overall wear and tear, and tends to be able to withstands heavy impacts. Just like all other types of wood, cherry is vulnerable to moisture penetration. However, if properly maintained, cherry wood flooring can last over 50 years!



One of the most interesting features of oak flooring is that it improves and gets stronger over time. This, in turn, increases its lifetime.

What sets oak apart from its counterparts is its beautiful grain. Oak grains are completely random, which gives it quite a bit of character. The most common types of oak woods are white and red oaks. White oak is great for areas of the home that experience lot of natural light, while red oak has a bolder look.

Red oak relatively light, but the red gives it a rustic appearance. This gives a room character rather than just blending in.

As you can see, there’s a lot more that goes into choosing the right flooring for your home than just choosing the type of flooring. Floors Touch carries maple, hickory and walnut wood flooring. We can also help you with home remodeling services! Please visit our website—https://floorstouch.com—and check out our blog to learn more about our home remodeling services! You can also visit our social media for more details about the different types of wood flooring.

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