Types of Carpeting

Choosing the right carpet for your home is all about knowing just the right combination of performance and aesthetics that you desire. Not only that, but you must also factor in what combination best suits your family’s lifestyle, your homes appeal and most importantly – your budget. At Floors Touch we carry thousands of choices of carpeting that range in style, comfort, elegance and price. You never have to feel alone when you choose Floors Touch for your carpeting needs because our knowledgeable and experienced service experts will guide you through every step of the selection making process to ensure that you choose the perfect carpeting solution for your home.

Carpet Types

Saxony Carpets

Saxony carpets offer a luxurious and smooth finish that features a soft cut-pile surface. They are versatile both in appearance and performance. The versatility of this carpet type makes them suitable for just about any room in the home, especially traditional and formal areas.

Textured Saxony Carpets

Textured Saxony carpets offer a tougher, more textured surface that helps in hiding footprints. This carpet type has a casual appeal that makes it a popular choice among Floors Touch buyers. It is an ideal choice for active families and makes a great solution for any room in the home.

Frieze Carpets

Frieze carpets offer more of a nubby appeal with a textured surface. They are long wearing and are extremely durable, making them a viable solution for those McKinney homeowners with young children and pets. This carpet type is an ideal choice for activity rooms.

Multi-Level Loop Carpets

Multi-level loop carpets offer a very durable carpet solution that is effective in hiding traffic marks. The several different levels of loops helps to create visually appealing pattern effect that affords a casual appearance.

Cut & Loop Carpets

Cut and loop carpets have a very distinctive carved looking appearance. They have the ability to add a touch of uniqueness to a room and they fit well in a wide variety of settings. The cut and loop process results in varying surface levels, which when paired with multi-colors can really help to hide traffic marks and stains.

Level Loop Carpets

Level loop carpets are most commonly made with Olefin fibers, which result in a carpet that is extremely durable. The casual appearance that this carpet offers is great for any setting, particularly basements and family rooms.

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