Travertine Tiles – pros and cons

Travertine Tiles

Pros of travertine tilestravertine tiles pros and cons

Travertine tiles are a versatile flooring material with many advantages. Read on to see how we break down the pros and cons of travertine flooring:

The first benefit is that travertine tile is attractive and visually appealing. It’s soft like limestone, as well.

Another benefit is that travertine tile is found commonly. This means that, in the event that you want to replace a tile or two, you’ll be able to find a replacement tile easily.

The third benefit is how easy travertine installation is! As we mentioned earlier, it’s a soft tile. This means that it’s easier to cut.

Since it’s formed naturally, travertine tiles are environmentaly-friendly. This is its fourth benefit.

The sixth benefit is that it can be found in virtually any color!!

Additionally, travertine tile is low maintenance and easy to clean.

Trаvеrtіnе tіlеѕ can end up adding to a home’s resale value if it’s bought from a quality manufacturer.

Cоnѕ оf travertine tiles

However, there are a few cons to travertine tiles:

  • Travertine is sensitive to and can be damaged by acidic substances, such as vinegar.
  • Travertine is durable, but can experience chips.
  • Travertine is more expensive than carpeting an vinyl flooring.
  • Travertine tiles are porous, which means that it’s vulnerable to moisture-related damage. So, they’ll need to be sealed.

Ultimately, travertine tiles are a durable flooring material. If you’re interested in learning more about travertine tiles or having them installed in your home, call Floors Touch at 214-326-0100!

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