Tile vs. Wood Flooring

Tile vs. Wood

Making a bathroom look nice can be a challenge, mainly because they’re such small spaces. They’re not meant to be the most beautiful rooms in a home, but they should look nice because they’re used so often. One way to increase the appeal of a bathroom is by choosing nice flooring. Bathroom flooring is normally a choice between wood and tile flooring

The safer optionTile vs. Wood flooring

When choosing between tile vs. wood flooring, tile is the safer option.

The reason for this is that bathrooms constantly experience water usages and spills. No matter whether it’s ceramic tile or porcelain, you probably won’t run into any issues if you have tile flooring installed in your bathroom.

A tile isn’t considered porcelain unless it has an absorption rate of less than 0.5%. Any absorption rate slightly above that means that a tile is ceramic. The point is that moisture doesn’t have much of an effect on tile flooring.

Tile flooring looks nice and can withstand moisture. Additionally, it’s available in many different colors and patterns.

The risky option

In the tile vs. wood flooring battle, wood is a riskier option.

The main issue with having hardwood flooring installed in a bathroom is its vulnerability to water. Being exposed to excessive moisture can be detrimental to hardwood flooring. In a bathroom environment, water will end up seeing into the flooring and ruin it.

Aside from the issue with moisture, wood flooring is a great option. It’s durable and looks great. However, you should think about whether or not you’re willing to take the risk.

If you like the look of wood flooring but don’t want to risk having it damaged, consider buying flooring that imitates wood. Some examples of these are vinyl and laminate.

Engineered hardwood is another alternative to real wood flooring. It’s multi-layered and is topped with a layer of real hardwood. However, since it’s topped with real hardwood, it will cost about as much as real hardwood.

In the end, it’s up to the homeowner. Do they want to take the safe route with tile, or the risk of hardwood? Or, would they prefer something in between like laminate?

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