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Are you wondering what type of flooring you can install over a concrete slab foundation? You may have seen plenty of options available at several home improvement stores, but not every choice would probably be the best for your needs. Slabs present unique characteristics such as moisture and flatness to influence your flooring selections. So keeping these factors in mind, here we list the top five flooring options that are perfectly compatible with your substrate:

Top 5 Flooring Best For Slab - Floors Touch Mckinney

 1. Engineered Wood

Hardwood flooring provides beauty with strength, plus it is also better equipped when it comes to water resistance. However, you must make sure that it is not exposed to too much moisture, or else it may begin to disrupt the floor.

This flooring type comes with a unique structure, excellent rigidity, and contraction or expansion control. Each board consists of thin and tough wooden strips compressed into high-grade plywood. Such layering gives hardwood its sturdiness while aesthetically incorporating the charm of natural wood.

These characteristics can easily transform any space into an inviting and impressive one. It is also inexpensive, so if you are looking for a budgeted option to install on top of the slab, this can be your go-to choice.


 2. Tile

Tiles are more commonly seen in or around showers, kitchens, pools, and bathrooms where water is more prevalent. Due to the factor that these are tiles, the flooring is much resistant to several harmful elements. You can also choose from various colors, textures, and styles to suit the aesthetics of your space. Tiles are low maintenance, durable, prevent water or dirt penetration, and revamp plus protect the surface as per your needs.

Ceramic, vinyl, and rubber tiles are the most commonly used flooring options. Vinyl tiles require a plywood base; ceramic tiles need cement boards and nailing, and rubber tiles fit like a jigsaw puzzle directly onto the slab. Rubber tiles are the easiest to install or remove and make for a great temporary surface. Click here to learn more about different tile options.


3. Carpet

Carpeting is amongst the most popular choices for the basement, playroom, or any other area that does not receive excess sunlight, water, or dirt. Carpets over concrete are commonly seen across the country.

The option allows you to choose from an assortment of colors and textures, plus it is estimated at a per-square-yard basis. Depending on your personal preferences, you can invest in both affordable as well as premium carpets.

The only downside carpets have is that these cannot be affixed in wet or dirt prone areas, including bathrooms, kitchen, laundry rooms, and outdoor spaces. Moisture can damage the fibers for apparent reasons, plus due to the nature of the product, dirt can trap easily and may demand more than frequent maintenance. Also, it may wear out quickly in high foot traffic rooms.

For everything else, carpeting is excellent. But the ideal decision would be to place a low pile, synthetic fiber carpet that will not absorb as much water while still providing the needed style and softness.


4. Vinyl

Very much like engineered wood, vinyl possesses the power of layers to increase its strength. The backing, top, and protective coatings make vinyl suitable for kitchens and bathrooms. Talking of its different types, you get two popular vinyl options:

Vinyl Sheet – Sheet vinyl is trendy and an economical choice even for wet areas. But you can also affix the sheet in a full room depending on the purpose of use. A single sheet is installed over the slab, forgiving even uneven surfaces. There are no gaps and maximum moisture resistance. If the slab is prone to moisture, this option is best suited.

Vinyl Tile/ Plank – Luxury vinyl planks or tiles have come a long way. Plus, these are perfect in emulating the look of tile or hardwood with enhanced moisture resistance. The downside, however, is subject to the type of damage caused, which may lead to cuts and tears, etc. Some gaps allow dampness to seep into the concrete substrate. If your slab is relatively less prone to water issues, consider having vinyl planks or tiles or planks.

Vinyl is an affordable choice offering temperature benefits, especially during winters, as it does not transfer the coolness of the slab up to the surface.


5. Laminate

Laminate is made of layered synthetic composites, including backing, fiberboard core, decorative layer, and wear layer, giving it the needed stability. These layers make the material impact, water, moisture, and stain/ fade proof. All of this makes laminate the choicest flooring material to install on a slab.

Laminate is great for areas with high foot traffic. But its fixing may require protective measures such as padding or vapor barriers and not direct affixing for optimum performance of the floor. These are floating floors, and prepping the base holds immense importance to allow the laminate to stick correctly.

When you hire experienced professionals, they understand every detail of working with laminate and accordingly carry out the process.


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While there are tons of options to choose from when it comes to flooring your concrete slab, only a few selections perform optimally and provide the needed comfort and structure.

Where tiles may be suitable for dampness prone areas, carpeting does well in basements, and laminate or wood is excellent for high foot traffic spaces.

If you are still unsure what would suit your particular needs, we are here to help!

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