What color quartz countertop is best for a bathroom?

Quartz is a beautiful natural stone material that gives a room a look of elegance while also maintaining its sturdiness and durability. While quartz is a great material for bathroom countertops, you want to make sure that your quartz countertops are a color that suits the rest of your bathroom design. Here are some tips on how to choose the best color for your bathroom countertops:


The whole pictureQuartz Countertops For Bathrooms

When choosing quartz countertops for bathrooms, you’ll need to take your entire bathroom design into consideration. From the wall color to the fixtures, everything needs to go well with the quartz countertops you choose for your bathroom.

The most popular quartz countertop colors tend to fall into one of the following design patterns: complementing or contrasting. For example, complementing quartz countertops would be light countertops in a bathroom with light-colored walls. On the other hand, an example of contrasting quartz countertops would be dark quartz countertops in a bathroom with light walls or vice versa.


Take samples home

Most flooring and countertop stores allow customers to take samples home so they can see what the quartz color would look like with the rest of their bathrooms. This is extremely helpful as it allows homeowners to get a better idea of how the quartz will look in their bathroom while taking everything, including bathroom lighting, into consideration.


Think about changing trends

Quartz is a natural and durable stone so, with proper maintenance, you won’t need to worry about the condition of your countertops. However, you should keep in mind that trends gain and lose popularity quite often. Thus, you should choose a quartz color that is sure to endure the changing of trends. These include neutral colors, such as white, black, gray, and tan. These colors tend to go well with other colors, so changing trends won’t be anything to worry about.

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