Why should you choose granite for your countertops?

Granite is an elegant way to make any room more inviting. This natural stone adds beauty and style to kitchens, bathrooms, home bars, and more. Thanks to all the home improvement shows nowadays, kitchens are the most desired remodeling projects in homes. Even kitchens from just 10 years ago are considered out-dated. You can enhance your new kitchen by installing beautiful and durable granite countertops.

Granite slabs are unique.

No two slabs of granite are alike, making it nearly impossible to find a slab of granite identical to another. Thus, using granite for will give you an unlimited number of design options to make your home special. Floors Touch of McKinney can help you find the perfect selection to really make your countertops stand out.

With granite’s durability and stunning qualities, it’s no wonder that it is the top choice for any home remodel. It will outlast other stones and is less expensive than quartz. So don’t wait, find the perfect granite for your countertops today!

Granite is very durable.

As a natural stone, granite is agreeably the hardest of all the stone countertops. It is more durable than limestone and marble. Quartz is the only other natural stone that can compete with granite’s hardness.

Granite can withstand almost any impact from common mishaps that occur in kitchens or bathrooms. There won’t be any visible damage to the stone if you drop a mixer, crock pot, blender, hair dryer or curling iron. It’s that durable.

Granite is heat resistant. It can withstand heats of 425° straight out of the oven. The only downside to granite is that it is a porous stone, meaning that, as a permeable surface it can absorb any standing water that is left for a considerably lengthy amount of time. However, sealing your granite every 2 to 3 years will help and even extend the life span of your countertops.

Where can you find the best granite installation?

Floors Touch of McKinney of course! We’re not just a flooring store, we can assist you in all your home remodeling needs. Our experts can answer all your questions about granite countertops and installation. We can even bring our showroom to you for a free in-home estimate. Call or visit us today to upgrade your home’s value and style.

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