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Engineered Hardwood Floors vs Premium Laminate Flooring

The Best And No. 1 Premium Laminate Flooring - Floors TouchBefore settling on the kind of floor you want in your house, it is vital for you to understand the characteristics of the different types of floors. When it comes to choosing between engineered hardwood floors and premium laminate flooring, you better understand the differences between the two types of floors before you make your final decision on the one you want.

Re-sanding for Longevity

One of the main differences is that the top layer of engineered floors is made of hardwood. This layer can be re-sanded in future, but this is conditional. It can be re-sanded only if it was initially nailed or glued down and has enough wear layers. Re-sanding increases the value and longevity of engineered hardwood floors. Unlike engineered hardwood floors, the laminate floor cannot be re-sanded. It has a hardwood photographic image which is laminated to a fiber board substrate.

The Realism of Wood

If your focus is on realism of wood, then go for an a engineered hardwood floor. These floors look and feel like real wood. As a home owner with the pride of nature, this gives you a level of satisfaction you can’t find in laminated floors. On the other hand, laminated floors are actually made of images of wood planks generated by the computer. If you are concerned about the level of realism, which is about the look and feel of wood, laminate floors may not satisfy this need because of the repeat patterns.

Cost of Production

Let’s face it: As good as engineered hardwood floors may be, it costs more to produce them as compared to laminate floors. This is because of its level of the complexity of the integrated layers of both plywood and hardwood. Unlike engineered hardwood floors, premium laminate flooring cost less to produce. This makes it cheaper as compared to engineered hardwood floors. Therefore, laminate floors are best for homeowners working on a fixed budget. If you are for quality and longevity and you happen to have a deeper pocket, go for engineered hardwood floors.

Radiant Heat Systems

While premium laminate flooring are safe for use in radiant heat systems, it is tricky to use engineered hardwood floors this way. They can only be used selectively depending on the manufacturer and the type of hardwood used.

Denting and Scratching

Compared to engineered hardwood floors, premium laminate flooring are very resistant to scratching and denting. This is because of its melamine finish, which makes it more durable regarding scratching and denting. On the other hand, engineered hardwood floors, just like solid hardwood, is easily destroyed by scratching and denting.


If you prioritize the realism of natural wood and don’t mind a higher cost, engineered hardwood is your go-to option. However, if budget constraints are a concern and you seek durability and resistance to wear, premium laminate flooring is the more practical choice.

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