Have you ever heard about Pergo? If you haven’t, simply take a walk through at any of the nearest flooring centers in your city. While you would find numerous hardwood, tile, and carpet options, you will be amazed to see the variety of laminates that exist today. One variety of super popular laminates includes Pergo – a brand name that strives to be the best in class.


About Pergo Laminate Flooring

Pergo is a popular brand in the US, but it is often used as a byword for laminates. The company produces various flooring options but is most known for its laminates, which are a premium choice if that is your style.

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It is a great option to consider, for Pergo laminates are easy to install, even easier to maintain, very much durable, and can tackle both commercial and residential flooring needs.

When the manufacturers came up with the idea of laminates, the goal was to produce easy to use plank-style floors that matched the aesthetics of hardwood but not its expense. Years after constant trials and errors, the Pergo line was introduced as a staple in the United States. Soon competitors started picking it up and created similar and compelling styles. However, even years after, Pergo remains to be a preferred choice for many!

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Benefits Of Having Pergo Laminate Flooring

If you are up for laminate flooring, Pergo is an excellent choice. It is highly affordable, offers a comprehensive range of styles, the results are beautiful, and is undoubtedly a value for money option. Let us discuss the benefits in detail:

Brand recognition

Pergo is amongst the most trusted and most prominent names in the flooring industry. They produce diverse and superior quality flooring options that suit everyone’s needs. They were the ones to invent hard-wearing laminates over 40 years ago for high-pressure applications. Since then, the manufacturer has expanded into a comprehensive flooring company, providing many other leading styles.


Pergo is the granddad of laminate floorings. It offers an extensive range of selections that look absolutely realistic. You won’t straightforwardly be able to determine if this is a synthetic or original product. You can always speak to us to know more about different laminate styles.

Easy installation

Laminates are also called floating floors for these come in planks and don’t attach to the subfloor underneath. Now, this doesn’t mean the planks would fly off in the air like magic – the pieces are snapped together to create a firm surface. It’s mostly advertised as a DIY product, and only a few tools or supplies are required. But it always helps to call a professional and may also save you from the warranty voids.


Pergo laminates may last around 25 years if these are adequately cared for. With a limited residential and commercial warranty of 10 years or so, Pergo laminates assure that no wear through, fading, staining, or water damage may affect the floor under regular use.

Easy to maintain

All Pergo laminates need is quick and easy maintenance effort. With just disposable static sheets and dry mopping or vacuum, you are good to go. Do not wet mop – it can hamper the floor’s finish and allow the water to run in between the joints of the planks and cause these to swell over time.

Economical choice

The long-known history of producing the best in class laminates certainly gives Pergo an edge over others in the market. Despite such vast experience and premium finish laminates, their product remains affordable, in fact, mid-ranged, to suit almost every flooring budget.

Better resistance

Pergo laminate floors are created to be tougher than most other laminate options. These incur minimum scratches and are also very much close to being waterproof. You get around 30 minutes window to clean up any spillage and maintain the finish.

Excellent warranties

Pergo laminates come with some of the best warranty plans. However, these are not transferrable, so if you sell your property to another party, they lose the coverage. Also, the manufacturer covers the cost of replacement only if you may prove the product was defective. Moreover, you don’t stand any chance to make a successful claim if the standard installation procedure wasn’t followed.


Pergo vs. Other Laminates

Pergo rules the market, for they are the ones to have invented laminate flooring and bring the option to The States. But the benefits mentioned above also fair well with many other laminate choices. So what makes Pergo different? And what about the Pergo vs. other laminates comparison?

Today, Pergo laminates are comparable with many others available in the market for their cost, quality, durability, and resistance. Samples from separate companies also look similar when you are in the showroom.

However, subtle distinctions set these high-quality, sturdy, and attractive floors apart from other thin, lifeless, and squeaky laminate floors.

The best laminate you might want to choose for your residential or commercial property must be at least 7 to 12 mm in thickness. Thicker floors easily handle high foot traffic, work well on out of level floors, and dampen extra noise between different surfaces.

Pergo uses a unique triple layer system to enhance the durability of the planks, which further reduces their squeakiness. The flooring option comes with excellent coverage and guarantees right from the manufacturer. Some options may be a bit costlier, but the benefits you receive easily surpass the costs.


Hire Reliable Flooring Contractors To Install Your Pergo Floor

Not all of Pergo lines are created equal. Some do well, while others may be fantastic. So exercise caution to make your pick. If you choose judiciously, you may be able to get a great flooring option at the most affordable quotes from Pergo. If you need any further assistance in making an apt choice, we can help!

At Floors Touch of McKinney, we are a team of skilled flooring experts who can help you choose the right surface option for your business or residential properties. Whether you want to go for Pergo or choose another excellent laminate, we can assist you with your needs and beautifully install the floor without any hassles.

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