Laminate Flooring for kitchens

One of the most important rooms in your home is your kitchen. Isn’t it only natural that you have high-quality flooring installed in a room that your family and friends spend so much time in? Read on to see how we narrow down the best kitchen flooring options:


Hardwood flooring is popular, but is it the best option?Laminate Kitchen Flooring

Well, it depends. If you’re mainly interested in the appearance of your kitchen flooring, then sure, hardwood is your best bet. It’s a beautiful flooring that should last about 20-30 years if properly maintained.

However, hardwood flooring is vulnerable to moisture seepage and absorption. If moisture hits and seeps to the core, hardwood planks will end up cupping and curling. So, if you decide to have hardwood flooring installed in your kitchen, you’ll need to have it sealed every few years to avoid moisture penetration.


How about a flooring option that imitates hardwood but is moisture-resistant?

There are a few flooring options that imitate hardwood flooring but are moisture-resistant. These options include:

Engineered hardwood flooring has a multi-layered composition and is scratch-resistant. It is topped with a layer of the real hardwood of your choice. Unfortunately, the issue with engineered wood is that the layer of hardwood is quite thin, so it can only be sanded and refinished one or two times.

There are more inexpensive alternatives to engineered wood, such as laminate flooring and vinyl plank flooring. However, neither of these options are topped with real hardwood.


Stone tile is better for kitchen flooring than hardwood

While the flooring you choose for your kitchen is completely up to your preferences, stone tile is better for your kitchen in terms of durability and moisture-resistance. However, you might have to have the tile sealed, depending on your selection.

When it comes to stone tile flooring, you can choose from either honed or polished . Honed stone has more of a matte texture, while polished stone tiles are more shiny and slippery.

How is stone when it comes to moisture-resistance?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t do too well. Like hardwood flooring, you’ll need to have your stone tile flooring sealed every few years.


Laminate flooring made for the kitchen

Laminate flooring is durable and moisture-resistant. Additionally, it looks great and can handle impacts as well.

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