How to Choose the Right Kitchen Floor for Your Home

The Best Choices of Kitchen Flooring

The Best And Number 1 Kitchen Floor - Floors Touch The kitchen is the heart of the home, an area where you dine, interacting with friends and family. Because the kitchen is where most of the action takes place in the home, materials used during construction must be tough and durable. When designing or redesigning a kitchen space, a major factor to consider is the flooring. The flooring of your kitchen must be durable, stain resistant, beautiful and affordable. If you have never had a kitchen floor installed, you may quickly become overwhelmed as to the many choices for kitchen flooring. Below is a short guide on kitchen flooring types so you can easily decide which option will work best for your home.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is a common choice for kitchens as the material comes in many colors and styles as well as shapes. Affordable and durable, this flooring type is easy to clean and a great option for homes where children are present. Ceramic tiles can be installed in porcelain types or stone, depending on the look and feel you are going for. A porcelain tile will have more of a shine while a stone may have more of a flat look, both appealing in their own way.


Wood flooring is an age-old option that can be installed in the kitchen area of the home. Hardwood has become popular once again as they provide a warm appearance and blends well into other living spaces of the home. A downside is that wood floors are susceptible to water damage as well as scratching.


Laminate flooring is an affordable option similar to wood flooring but is an imitation of wood flooring. You will find laminate comes in many forms including bamboo, stone, dark and light woods. Laminate flooring is easily installed and is less prone to scratching than real wood. Water exposure is also an issue with this flooring type as it can damage sections of the installation.


Another older flooring type that is still used today is vinyl flooring. This type of flooring can be purchased in sheets or in tiles, making it an affordable option as well as easily installed. Different styles, designs and colors allow homeowners to fit their design style. This flooring type is quite durable and can last for 15 years or more.


A popular trend in flooring today uses concrete. Concrete can be used to create floors and then polished or stained for a unique look. Concrete is pretty durable and can create a smooth surface that is easy to clean. A downside to this flooring type is that concrete is hard so items could be broken easily if dropped on the floor.

Any of these flooring types will make a great addition to your home. At Floors Touch, you can find out more information about the many types of flooring available, with help to decide on which type will work best for your kitchen flooring needs. Speak to a flooring professional to learn more about stone, laminate, tile and more.

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