Your home gym flooring needs to be durable enough to withstand your everyday gym routine and the rigours of machines or weights. It would help if you had the cushion to protect your joints. However, it is also essential for you to protect your existing floor from any gouges or scratches.

Some of the most popular flooring materials used in a home gym include vinyl, carpet, foam, and rubber. The right one for you depends on what equipment or training you do regularly and whether you are looking for something more permanent or buying something easy to install.

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What to look for in a home gym flooring?


Foam, rubber, vinyl, carpet, and turf are some of the most popular flooring solutions for a home gym. Rubber is often the most common choice amongst homeowners since it is relatively easy to clean, offers excellent durability, comes at an affordable price, and is highly versatile.

Carpet or foam is often the least expensive option, but they are hard to clean and are not suitable if you have rigorous training every day.


Vinyl and rubber flooring are some of the most durable options available. However, rubber is much more appealing universally since it can absorb shock more effectively and is affordable.

Types of exercise

If you are into intense exercises such as weight training or jumping rope, you need to choose foam or rubber flooring since they will absorb impact much better than turf, vinyl, or carpet will. These materials are much better suited for yoga or as a base for treadmills or exercise bikes.

Below are some of the best home gym flooring solutions that will give you a soft area to land and are going to protect your home’s flooring from any damage.

Gorilla mats

If all you need is a small space to work out, then you need to consider using a heavy-duty flooring solution that goes over your existing home flooring or in your basement, garage, etc.

Gorilla mats tend to use non-toxic foam to help create a durable surface for all types of fitness functions you may have in mind, including aerobics, weightlifting, or plyometrics. The thick mat can also be rolled and transported to a new location.

Its comfortable padding will give you plenty of cushion for all pressure points along with a non-slip, textured back which gives this mat a strong grip on the floor. These extra-large mats come in 8 x 4 feet, which is enough for a solo workout session. If in case you require more coverage, you can consider using two mats.


Waterproof Engineered Hardwood flooring 

You can consider getting hardwood flooring if you are looking for a natural flooring option for your home gym. Even though it is a more substantial investment for your gym floor compared to other options such as rubber mats and foam tiles, the overall aesthetics of a home gym with a wooden floor is hard to beat. At the same time, this material also offers flexibility and strength.

When looking for wooden gym flooring, you should consider using engineered hardwood. You will get improved durability, and this material can also be installed below grade, which is something that you need to consider if your gym is in the basement.

This type of engineered hardwood from Floors Touch is made using white oak and is almost twice as strong as solid oak. You need to consider this if you are planning on using heavy equipment on your gym floor or if you want to do weights since soft hardwood may get dents under impact.

Moreover, this engineered hardwood is also going to offer you an easy installation process over your existing tile, vinyl, wood, or concrete surface without having to get an additional underlayment. The waterproof core will help your flooring deal with spilled sports drinks, sweat, and regular cleaning without any problems.


Vinyl plank flooring 

Considered one of the most durable home flooring solutions, it is not a surprise that vinyl is also an excellent pick for gym flooring. A vinyl plank from Floors Touch is one of the fastest and best-looking ways you can upgrade your home gym.

A few reasons make this vinyl plank flooring an excellent solution for use as a gym flooring. The planks that we offer come with the added benefit of preventing mold growth or mildew on the surface of the underlayment for your flooring, which is a critical feature that you need to consider, especially if your gym is in a humid or damp area of your home.

This waterproof flooring solution can be quickly cleaned using a pH-neutral solution to wipe off any sweat and dirt while preventing any foul odor. You can even choose to get it installed over your existing flooring, including wood, tile, or concrete. Even though this is more like a permanent solution for your home gym flooring when compared to foam mats or rubber, it offers a durable, waterproof solution that can be supplemented with spot cushioning wherever required.


Rubber flooring tiles 

Give your home gym the makeover it deserves with rubber flooring tiles. They are constructed using shock-absorbing foam, which has a rubber wear layer on the surface.

These interlocking tiles make it very easy for you to configure them according to your space and add or remove any extra tiles if required. They come equipped with edge pieces to give you a finished look.


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