Why choose granite tile flooring?

Granite is an elegant material that is formed naturally by the earth. You probably know how great granite countertops can be, so just imagine granite flooring! Here’s everything you need to know about granite tile flooring:


DurabilityWhy Granite Tile Flooring Is A Great Choice For Your Home

As we mentioned earlier, granite is a material that is formed naturally, so it’s quite durable. It can handle the high temperatures of the earth, so it can surely handle the everyday wear and tear of you and your household. The important thing is that you have them sealed every 2-3 years in order to guard against moisture.



Granite tile flooring can be found in any color and matter. It will give your home a look of elegance and charm. Additionally, no two slabs of granite are the same. Which means that your granite tile flooring will be unmatched and uniquely your own.



We mentioned earlier that granite flooring is extremely durable. This plays into the fact that granite flooring is resistant to scratching. Additionally, it’s also resistant to heavy impacts, like furniture dropping.


Resale Value

Since granite flooring is such an elegant material, it adds quite a bit of value to a home. This means that it will also add to your home’s resale value in the event that you do sell.



Aside from cleaning the grout in between tiles, cleaning and maintaining granite flooring is quite simple. All you really need is a broom and a damp mop to get the job done right. Rely on Floors Touch for all your granite flooring needs. We carry high-quality granite material and can even install it for you! Simply give us a call at (214) 326-0100! Also, check out our blog for more helpful tips. You can also visit our social media for more details.

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