How to Care for Granite Floor Tiles

Cleaning Methods for Granite Floor Tiles

Best Tips To Care For Granite Floor Tiles - Floors Touch Granite floor tiles is a lovely choice for the home, an option that gives a sense of luxury and beauty in the home. Commonly used for kitchen countertops, granite can also be installed as flooring, coming in tiles that are cut to size based on style and design type. If you are considering installing granite flooring or have just purchased a home that already has beautiful granite flooring, it is important to know the proper methods for care. Below are a few tips on how you can maintain and clean the granite floor tiles of your home.

Regular Maintenance

With granite floor tiles, there are routine maintenance tips that you can follow to keep your floors looking their very best. Each day, the floors should be swept or dry mopped with washing taking place on a bi-weekly basis with a neutral floor cleaner. This is recommended to help with preventing staining, scratching or etching of the flooring. A stone sealer can be applied every six to twelve months to help if the tiles begin to look dull or worn.

Dirt and Grime

If you find that your granite flooring is looking dirty, you can purchase a granite cleaner and allow the cleaner to penetrate the grout and stone. This will help to dissolve tough grime and stains that may be seen on your flooring.

Chips, Cracks or Holes

If you find that your granite floor tiles has a chip, crack or hole, you can make repairs with a hole repair kit. This kit will include a filler, which should be transparent for granite. Other supplies should also be included to help you complete the repair job, including instructions.

Scratches or Dullness

Take a look at your floors on a regular basis. Do you see any minor scratches or are your floors starting to look dull? If so, you can use a granite polish that has a slight abrasive texture that is a non-wax to remove such issues. The polish will remove the scratches as well as bring back the shine of your floors.

Dull or Worn Look

When you have extensive damage on your flooring such as major scratches or completely worn look, you will need to contact a professional for assistance. A professional in granite flooring will be able to help you fully polish the flooring to restore the granite to its former glory.

Overall, it is important as the homeowner to maintain and clean the granite flooring on a regular basis. By caring for the flooring in the proper way, your investment will last for many years, allowing your home to maintain value and look its very best.

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