The living room is a space for family and friends to gather, watch TV, and just relax after a long and busy day. Choosing the type of flooring for a living room plays a big part in the comfort you experience in it.


Best type of flooring for a living roomFlooring For A Living Room

Nothing beats the elegant look of hardwood flooring. While it looks stunning, there are many other reasons why it’s a great option for living room flooring. Let’s get into the details!


There are many different types of hardwood to choose from

No other flooring material can match the versatility of hardwood flooring. There are many options, from the lighter maple and bamboo, to darker options like cherry wood.

Other flooring options can’t compare when it comes to giving you variety. While natural stone flooring is beautiful, it’s also quite difficult to maintain.


Hardwood flooring lasts quite a while

Additionally, hardwood flooring is strong and will last a long time; more specifically, over 20 years. One of the biggest benefits of hardwood flooring is that it can be sanded and refinished many times in the event of scratching, which is great for families with pets.

Also, it’s a good idea to have protective pads placed underneath your furniture. You should also make sure to wipe up any spills as soon as they occur. Hardwood flooring is porous, which means that liquids can seep through to the core. As long as you maintain your hardwood flooring, they’re sure to last quite a long time.

Needless to say that carpeting doesn’t last as long as it asborbs dirt and allergends quite easily. As for natural stone flooring, it tends to show through much more easily.


Hardwood imitators: Engineered wood and Vinyl Plank flooring

Hardwood flooring can be expensive. Luckily, there are many hardwood-imitating options available for those with tighter budgets.

Engineered hardwood is flooring that’s made to look like real hardwood. It has a multi-layered composition, but its appearance doesn’t suffer at all. This is because engineered hardwood flooring is topped with a layer of real hardwood. While it’s not extremely cheap, engineered hardwood flooring is still less expensive than real hardwood flooring.

Another alternative is vinyl plank flooring. Just like engineered wood, it has a multi-layered composition. however, instead of being topped with a layer of real hardwood, it’s topped with a high-definition image of wood. Just like real and engineered wood, it can be made into any type of wood you like. The look hardly suffers and it’s considerably less expensive than real and engineered hardwood flooring.

Generally speaking, hardwood flooring is the perfect flooring for a living room!


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