Maintenance of Carpets

Carpeting is a beautiful and cozy flooring material that will add comfort and charm to any space. However, it can start to look dirty and worn out if it’s not properly maintained. Here are some tips for maintaining your carpeting, as well as how often you should clean your carpets:


Foot trafficHow Often Should You Clean Your Carpets

Walking on carpeting for an extended period of time, especially with shoes on, will deposit dirt and dust into the fibers and cause the carpets to fade and become smelly. Therefore, it’s important to avoid installing carpeting in areas of your home that experience high foot traffic. If you do, make sure to have area rugs to avoid having your carpeting wear down quickly.


Activity level

Carpeting comes in different styles and levels of delicacy. Some carpeting is made to withstand heavier foot traffic than others, while some are made for spaces that don’t experience as much traffic.



Some spaces end up with dirtier carpeting due to outdated HVAC systems spouting out more dust then they take in. This doesn’t just make the carpeting look more worn and dirty, but it also worsens the area’s air quality.


Young children and pets

Households with young children and pets will have to undergo carpet cleaning more often than households without them. They end up tracking in more dirt and debris, which makes your carpeting dirtier even faster.


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