Installing new carpet flooring can be an exciting and fun way for you to change the look and feel of your home. You have to figure out where you need to start your carpet floor research, which can often be a daunting task. It is critical that the carpet you select fits all your needs for the space and lasts for years, particularly if you’re planning on installing carpet flooring in a high-traffic area such as a hallway or a family room.

As you begin your research for the best high-traffic carpet options, our team from Floors Touch recommends you compare different types of carpets to ensure you get the best fit for your budget and home. Before we dive straight into common types of rugs, let us first explore what you need to look for to be more confident and informed when making a decision.

4 Best Type Of Carpet Floor - Floors Touch Mckinney

Carpet twist

The twist of carpet fiber is determined by how the fiber filaments are spun into yarn and then turned upon themselves. The tighter twist you have, the more resilient your carpet will be to changes in texture or appearance over time. A tight twist carpet is ideal for high-traffic areas of your home and is more likely to take you a long way.


Carpet density

The density of your carpet refers to how closely the fibers are to one another. Generally, the higher the density you have, the better quality your carpet is. You can check the thickness of your carpet by pressing your fingers down to see how much of the backing you can feel. The less backing you reach, the denser your carpet is. As you are looking for carpets for a high-traffic area, it is critical to find a higher-intensity solution if you wish to prevent long-term wear and tear.


Carpet fiber type

All types of fibers used in a carpet help you bring out unique features, so it is critical for you to evaluate what type will be the best fit for your needs. The type of fiber you select will dictate the overall life of your carpet, how it feels, and how much it will cost you.


Nylon carpet Floor

Nylon is one of the most durable and resilient synthetic carpet fibers, making it an excellent choice for high-traffic areas or homes with kids or pets. Its overall durability comes from hydrogen molecules that make up a significant part of its structure. When nylon carpet fibers flatten, steam cleaning the surface can help you make the fibers bounce back effortlessly. Nylon is also quite resilient to soils. It is absorbent, which means you need to clean spills promptly if you wish to prevent any staining. Nylon carpet is also very budget-friendly and can be found at all price points.


Wool carpet Floor

Wool is a standard natural fiber often used a lot in the world of carpeting. It is a high-end biodegradable fiber which is known for its natural resistance to flames and dirt. Wool tends to have microscopic scales that act as a natural fiber to prevent dirt from embedding into the surface of your carpet. It is also not good at burning, which can be especially useful in spaces that feature fireplaces. However, one downside of wool is that it requires professional cleaning now and then. It is also less resilient to stains than other fibers.

Even though absorbance is bad for stains, it can be an excellent solution for homes and offices in humid climates since the carpet will absorb all excess moisture from the air.


Polyester carpet Floor

Polyester is another popular natural fiber that is often a go-to choice in carpeting for high-traffic areas. It is one of the most stain-resilient fibers since it is composed of closed-cell fibers that prevent stains from adhering to the surface. Polyester is also an eco-friendly solution that requires half the energy to create the same quality of nylon fiber. Thanks to its lower cost of production, it is a budget-friendly option that offers you a vibrant and upscale appearance.

The downside of polyester is its durability compared to wool or nylon. Even though numerous technological improvements have reduced this gap in durability, it is nowhere nearly as durable. If you select polyester as a flooring solution, you must find a dense, high-quality polyester carpet that ensures you years of service.


Triexta carpet Floor

Triexta is a new type of carpet fiber that is gaining a lot of popularity in the industry. It is a subclass of polyester but is much more durable and softer to touch. Triexta is also more eco-friendly than polyester since it is made using biotechnology based on the fermentation of corn glucose instead of petroleum. It can be used to create numerous qualities of carpet. Even though it offers a durability similar to nylon, nylon is still superior in overall resilience thanks to its unique ability to bounce back from excessive pressure. Nevertheless, Triexta is still great at resisting stains, making it a viable option.


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