5 Color Trends for your Home

From dusky pink to earthy yellow, let us look at all the latest color trends that can help you change the tone and vibe of your home on a budget. Remember that color lies at the root of all exterior and interior design decisions.

Being in the housing industry for years, our team from Floors Touch is aware of all the color trends that can help your home look trendier in 2024. In this blog, we will be discussing all the key aspects to help you achieve the perfect look for each room in your house.


2024 Best Color Trends For Your Home - Floors Touch MckinneyColor Trend No.1: Vintage Yellow

It is the shade of joy and optimism, so after a year of global turbulence, it comes as a bit of a surprise that yellow will be a popular choice amongst homeowners in 2024.

Yellow is more than a flash, and choosing the right shade can help you get surprising longevity while adding richness to all traditional settings. A muddy yellow shade can allow you to inject an infusion of sunshine while staying on the side of sophistication.

You can find various yellow shades that come with an authentic matt finish, which is easy to maintain, making it perfect for high-traffic areas like hallways, kitchens, and children’s playrooms.

Homeowners have now started to embrace stronger shades when decorating homes. This often includes hues of pinks and reds to yellows and oranges found on the warm side of the color wheel.

After much research into how colors affect our overall mood, studies suggest that yellow tends to inspire optimism, creating a summer feel. Teaming it with black and charcoal can help you achieve a modern look in 2024.


Color Trend No.2: Muddy greens

The past year has helped us strengthen our lost connection with the outdoors and elevated green as a color of choice amongst homeowners in 2024.

You can find a wide array of shades to pick from, but if you are looking for an elegant look that offers versatility, then olive or muddy green can help you tick all the right boxes.

Strong yet soothing, olive green can give a room an enveloping feel. Not only does it look good, but it can also sit quietly and allow bold-colored fixtures and furniture to shine.

It is believed that green helps people feel positive, making it a popular choice amongst most homeowners.

Since green hues are cool on the color spectrum, they are ideal for bedrooms and living areas. Out of all the other colors, green is probably the most versatile since it connects us to nature and evokes feelings of vibrancy and balance.

You can introduce soft tones of chalky gray and clay white as furniture and accessories while keeping the flooring light. Combining muddy greens with soft-colored hardwood flooring can help you add a calm feeling to a space.


Color Trend No.3: Neutral territory 

The trend of using dark shades in kitchens is going to continue in 2024. Contrasting deep gray or black with white is an effective way to create an impact. However, the key is to get the right proportions.

A half split may feel cold, which is why you should pair it with dark cabinets and other grain-rich textures. Timber accessories and doors can also help you break up space beautifully.

Most people debate on how to define neutral colors. We believe that they are tones like beige, grey, white, khaki, and ivory that do not show up on the color wheel.

Ideally, neutral colors are calming and comfortable to use since they can match with every other color. Nevertheless, you must consider how these colors get affected by light.

The lighting of the room is critical when deciding whether to select cool or warm tones. Warm neutrals work well in north-facing areas of the house since they tend to bounce light around the room.


Color Trend No.4: Cardamon

Cardamon is an enticingly warm and versatile tone to have in your home. This understated yet rich tone can help you get a refined look in south-facing areas of your home. Cardamon is earthier than gold and deeper than ochre, creating a cocoon-like feel in a less light-filled room.

This color goes well with brown and other natural rooted colors like creamy whites and forest greens. Nevertheless, a burst of bold and bright color can also give it a fantastic lift.


Color Trend No.5: Powder blue

One shade that has always been a popular choice in home interiors is soft or powder blue. Powder blue has the quality of being both refreshing and soothing while offering you lots of design versatility.

This color goes well with crisp white, helping you create a calming coastal feel. Though its natural home is with pastel colors such as lemon and pink, if you wish to achieve a more contemporary look, then earthy shades like terracotta and rust can make this color sing.

When planning a home remodel, you must match your walls with everything else around them. Flooring also plays a vital role in enhancing the overall look and feel of a space.

Matching your home’s flooring with these colors can help you create a seamless theme throughout the house.

Here at Floors Touch, we have a wide range of flooring options to help you achieve a perfect look for your home.


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