Can you put vinyl plank flooring over ceramic tile?

Can you install vinyl over ceramic?

Thanks to the advancement of technology, vinyl flooring has developed into a beautiful flooring option. It has grown in popularity over the years and many homeowners have opted to have it installed in their homes. This lead to homeowners wondering whether or not they can put vinyl plank flooring over ceramic tile. Read on to see how we break everything down for you:

About vinyl plank flooringcan you put vinyl plank flooring over ceramic tile

Vinyl plank flooring has a multi-layered composition and is moisture- and scratch-resistant. This makes it durable and easy to maintain. In fact, it doesn’t take much to clean vinyl plank flooring, just a broom and damp mop. Plus, since it’s moisture-resistant, you won’t have to worry about moisture-related damage.

Whether or not you can install vinyl plank flooring over ceramic tile flooring completely depends on how flat the surface is, how deep the grout lines are, etc. Give us a call so we can see if vinyl plank flooring can be installed over your ceramic tiles!

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